Wednesday, November 26, 2014

RadioPopper Photogenic Receiver

The Photogenic Receiver allows remote triggering and remote power control of most Photogenic brand lights. Simply attach the RP Photogenic Receiver to the port on the bottom of your Photogenic light and you're all set. The Photogenic Receiver is powered directly from the light and requires no batteries. The Photogenic Receiver is configured using a digital display on the front of the receiver.


Meet your new assistant. Free your flash, and open yourself up to the creative possibilities of a remote camera.
 ** $149 approx price in USD **

(see 'Rewards' for full details - Panlight will be shipping from both US and European locations, so we're able to offer free shipping from either!)

C-Loop Hands on Review

The C-Loop is a camera strap mount from Custom SLR that screws into the underside of your camera and into your tripod socket. The mount itself rotates which helps to keep the attached camera strap from getting tangled up in itself or the camera body.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Phottix Odin TTL Flash Trigger for Nikon

Portland Oregon Photographer Jayesunn Krump-0005

I have been shooting with the Odin trigger system from Phottix for a couple of months now and I have yet to encounter any issues with the system what so ever. To date this is my favorite trigger system.

Skylux LED from Westcott


The next big thing in LED studio lighting is here.
Meet the SkyLux from Westcott. The first daylight-balanced studio LED with a CRI Rating of 94+ that allows photographers to utilize their favorite modifiers with the addition of a single Bowens Mount Speedring.

Phottix Luna Beauty Dish and Softbox

Phottix Luna Beauty Dish and Softbox released

Phottix Luna Beauty Dish

Phottix Luna Beauty Dish

Softboxes are excellent light modifiers – but let’s face it – assembling them is time-consuming. Standing outside on a windy day trying to assemble a 1 meter Octa is a challenge.

Beauty dishes provide unique lighting – but who wants to lug a beauty dish on location? They’re bulky and cumbersome.

Making your life easier, Phottix announces the new Luna series of softboxes and beauty dishes.

Rogue Large Soft Box Kit

The popular Large FlashBender and Diffusion Panel are now available in a new Rogue Large Soft Box Kit.  Included in this kit are the Large FlashBender Reflector, Large Diffusion Panel and the new Large Silver/Black Attachment.